Behind the scenes

My portofolio is a collection of the different photographic styles I enjoy working with. News pictures are the capture of a specific moment - to be at the right place, at the right time.

Portraits is the challenge to perceive a character with your heart wide open.

​Abstraction is the capture of details, colors, forms, lines and movements - a way of painting with light.

​Nude photography is the reflection of the vivid dreams of the artist.

​Making composites is playtime folks. No limits, no rules - only clear or subtle messages.

​Pacha Mama - our mother earth - is the deep fascination of the immense diversity of our natural environment. PLEASE protect!!​

And last, but not least, photographing and riding tough horses is an everlasting and passionate love affair.

I have written and illustrated books. I have held a large number of photographic art exhibitions in galleries and  private and public companies in different countries.